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 ' what is it to be critically human? '                                                                        


On the Production of Subjectivity

In disobedience, the territory I am exploring is how subjectivity in paint, performance and video can be reinvented in order to penetrate and be effective beyond the actual material properties of art, and in this sense, to work towards dissolving the immediacy of aesthetic surface qualities.

Singularity therefore, in the subjective, almost as an annunciation of my own individual belief is important, as it is also to the interpretative assimilation of the audience. Subjectivity has to be revalued, retrieved and renewed, made new in different configurations of material alongside that of the incorporeal in terms of the essence in the domain of all the senses.

The influence of globalisation often encourages a generality of subjectivity separate from the pre-condition of the individual. With this in mind, the way back is one of locality, the local, the territory of where one is, the idea of thought, the idea of interpretation in the free space of the mind without the speed of communications demanding quick decisions. Whatever or wherever it is, it is the space of the habitat in the mind and body known to oneself as a familiar space, the local space of a living entity that the real can find its place. Once found, the strength of the locally real requires that a constant reiteration is necessary.

As in Deleuze’s thought, my attempt is to escape societal developments of consciousness, to be able to face a canvas of unbound subjectivity unmediated by established meanings.

Perhaps even, a modern Prometheus (unbound).

If one stutters maybe a new meaning may appear between subjectivities.